Triethyl Citrate- Eco Friendly and Non-Toxic Ingredient

There are some ingredients present in your daily hair care or skincare routine that you might have never heard about. You might be surprised to know that those same ingredients might be present in some of your food and beverages also. Shocking, isn’t it? Yes, it is for all of us. One of those ingredients is Triethyl Citrate.

Many of us might have heard about this term for the very first time in our lives and might be very eager to know more about this particular ingredient. So what exactly is Triethyl Citrate and how is it used? Keep reading to know all the answers to your questions.

What is Triethyl Citrate?

So, Triethyl Citrate (CAS 77-93-0), is a very natural ingredient that is full of versatility. It is an ester of citric acid and ethanol. So we can say that it is a 100% natural ingredient made from fermenting ethanol and natural citric acid. Triethyl Citrate has various applications and the things that Triethyl Citrate is used in are truly mind-blowing because of the long list. It has various consumer and industrial applications.

So you can say that Triethyl Citrate is not only non-toxic but also eco friendly as it is made from renewable sources of carbon, and you should not have to worry about it being in any of the things that you either put on your face or consume in the form of food or beverage.

Things that Triethyl Citrate is used in

Like mentioned before, Triethyl Citrate is used in a lot of things that can make you amazed. Let us see the various things that Triethyl Citrate is used in. Here’s a list for you:

Many people think that pure essential oils are the best that they can use on their face but the truth is, it is just a myth. Pure essential oils can cause rashes and that is where Triethyl Citrate plays an important role. It is added to the essential oil to help blend the goodness of it and since Triethyl Citrate is natural, it causes no harm to the skin by preventing rashes.

Fluffy egg whites are really important for any kind of baking as it makes the dish soft. Triethyl Citrate is used in egg whites as an enhancement for whipping egg whites as it is an excellent foam stabilizer.

All our skincare products like face creams, sunscreens, body lotions, etc have Triethyl Citrate in them.

Various food and beverages available in the market today have Triethyl Citrate in them.

It is used in deodorants, antiperspirants, and various other perfumes because it has the enzymatic decompositions of sweet components.

It is used in nail polishes and other cosmetics and hair spray as it is a good strengthening agent for these.


So we can conclude by saying that Triethyl Citrate plays an important role in various products because of its versatility. It is a great ingredient that is never going to cause any harm to anybody as it is non-toxic.